Double Diaphragm Pump


The maximum allowable solid particles size is 9.4mm
The air supply pressure must be between 1 bar to 8.4 bar
MDP can be immerged into the pumped medium as long as the construction material of the pump and the pumped medium is compatible
MDP has self-protecting function and will shut down automatically when overloaded. Once load goes back to normal, the pump will start up automatically
MDP is designed to operate without oil lubrication

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MDP pumps are air operated, double diaphragm positive-displacement pumps, designed and manufactured for pumping fluids that are chemically compatible with the construction materials of the pump. The characteristics of the fluid (pressure, temperature, chemical reactivity, spesific weight, viscosity, vapor pressure) and the environment must be compatible with the pump characteristics and defined in the order. The pump performances (flow rate, head, and minimum pressure) are decided during ordering phase and will be indicated on the nameplate.